LVK jury geeft reactie op inzending trutteleedsje

In onderstaand geluidsfragment is te belusiteren hoe de LVK jury dacht over de inzending van de KLoomp met het trutteleedsje.

Het LVK was er echt niet blij mee, het vrouwonvriendelijke karakter en het zoepe is niet geschikt voor het LVK…… (jammer…..)

LVK jury geeft reactie op ‘t trutteleedsje


  1. Daphne, well G&S is dangling on the precipice. If they weren’t such short books I think I wouldn’t bother to keep going.Litlove, it is disappointing but I feel like I should have known better. There were warning signs.

  2. 9 August 2016    

    Is the “ad sedem” an innovation or if traditional for how long?The only masses I ever leave the sanctuary are official school masses at the parish, in which to better engage the children. Should I cease this practice, Fr. Z?

  3. 3 November 2016    

    article on on Matt Lloyd’s MOBE program got tons of responses, which isn’t surprising. (I’m even offering a pretty sweet MOBE Bonus).  Earning up to 90% commissions as part of the MOBE License Rights program got a lot of people

  4. 25 November 2016    

    Gas is simpler, charcoal tastes better it depends on my mood which I prefer. Sometimes you just wanna turn a knob rather then mess with getting coals hot.

  5. 30 December 2016    

    You’re the one with the brains here. I’m watching for your posts.

  6. 22 February 2017    

    Dwarf: Recuerdo perfectamente la conversación que originó esta entrada. Cecilia dijo: “Díganme una pelicula sobre infidelidad” y diez de cada diez invitados decían: “Pues Infidelidad”. Y Cecilia: “Pero esa no, es una mierda!!!” Entonces, ante el fracaso, la petición se convirtió en “Recomiéndame una película sobre infidelidad… ¡¡¡QUE NO SEA ‘INFIDELIDAD’!!!”

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